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Feeling good 101

Hey boo. How are you? I’m feeling all fresh and new.

On Friday I had my Dance GCSE practical exam… and I passed with full marks in each dance I had to perform. To me this is the biggest weight off my shoulders ( trust me dance is way more stress than people think). Passing this exam was the kick start to a chain reaction of feeling good. On Monday I’m chopping my hair off ( my hairs down to my thigh and its getting cut into a pixie cut and it’s going to charity) and it’s all good vibes from there. So I’m writing a reminder of how to feel good ( and it may help you too).

Drink water!

This was a new years resolution, but considering I drank coffee all day of January 1st the resolution didn’t really go to plan ( haha). But I’m gonna try and drink way more water not just because it helps with my ( gross teenage) skin, but it also helps with my head. So let’s all keep hydrated whether you’re at work or doing exams. Drink water!

Read more, find out more

For the past 2 years I feel like I haven’t read any other books than revision books, which believe it or not is a drag and hella boring. Yesterday I picked up ‘ Danger Cosmetics To Go’ book from Lush and it’s all about ‘ The story of the company that came before Lush’. So far the book is so good and would recommend it. I really want to read more than just paragraphs about isotopes and ionic bonding, so I’m going to read into things that interest me and read all the books I wanted to read, but never did.

Finish work by the deadlines

… just.. just do it.

Keep having those Lush baths

If it really isn’t clear by now Lush is my happy place, so it wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t include Lush. Even though I would carry on having Lush baths if I wasn’t feeling all ‘ feel good’ I want to remind myself that I actually need to relax in the bath other than just sitting in glitter and bubbles. I need to just breath for once and that I just need that time to not think of anything stressful.

Keep making cards and writing letters

For some odd reason whenever I write people letters or make someone a card I feel really happy. I really love making other people happy with good vibe filled cards becuase we all got to cheer others up. So do it. Write letters and give cards to people you may not be really close to but make their day and remind them of why they’re a top notch human.

Just breath… please and maybe cry.

If you gotta cry, you gotta cry. Grab your pillow or friend or dog ( or all three) and hug them. Sometimes you just have to cry and that’s all alright. Remember to keep breathing. Just take a moment to listen to yourself breathing and feel yourself being calm.


Hope this was okay. Hope everyone is feeling good. – Hannah



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