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Easter Lush Launch day

Hello. So on Friday ( 10.03.17 ) I went to have my college interview ( I got into the college, woo!) and I decided to pop into Lush Truro before my interview as I knew that it was the launch day for the Easter products. I got to pick up a few things ( not everything that’s new in) and had a lovely long chat with the sweetest Lush employee. So here is what I picked up!

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt

Going to start off with the glittery wonder that is the Golden Egg. ! The Golden Egg is absolutely covered with glitter ( which is the best thing ever) and contains Fair Trade Colombian Cocoa Butter which moisturizes and softens the skin ( making your skin feel hella good. This wonderful product smells lightly of lemon and orange ( but may smell different to other).

golden egg

Chick ‘N’ Mix Bath Bomb

This product is flipping adorable. It’s a chick with a tiny bunny inside! This bath bomb has three separate parts to it, so it is really a good value for money. It contains Tonka Absolute, which gives it the sweet ( almost floral ) scent to it and Bergamot Oil to make you feel super uplifted ( trust me it works ).

Flopsy – Face Wash Jelly

So Ethan told me that this product will be around all year ( which I’m so thankful for), but this amazing ( yet unusual ) product smells of the Carrot Soap ( thanks to the Fresh Carrot Infusion ).  This face jelly is in the shape of a bunny rabbit and you can either literally flop it over your face ( it’s great for a day after dance) or you rub it between your hands to make foamy bubbles.

Wash Behind Your Ears – Shower Gel

A new shower gel! Another one to add to the collection ( and it’s vegan ).  Like the Flopsy Face Wash Jelly it contains Fresh Carrot Infusion, but also contains Rose Oil and Jasmine Absolute which gives a nice sweet tone to the smell. The shower gel also contains Neroli Oil which is ( to quote Lush ) ‘ uplifting’ , so it’s really good shower gel to use in the morning.flopsy and wbye

I’m in love with all these products and I hope that you pick some of these super products up.

– Hannah


One thought on “Easter Lush Launch day

  1. Hey first off well done getting in to the college 👍🏻 nice read I love seeing what other people’s opinions are on the products 😊 I love the chick n mix and it smells so good 😍 I won’t list what we got cos I remember you joined in to the live stream we did about it all! They came out with some really cool products though and prettt excited to try flopsy 😊 Jen x

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