Year goals // 2017//

I know that it’s February and almost March, but if i wanna set goals I’m not gonna wait a whole year. I’m gonna do it now. So here are my goals for the next 10 months.

// March – December 2017 //

  • Start eating like a proper vegetarian.
  • Keep writing in a journal
  • Get through and pass my GCSE Dance practical exam without having a mental breakdown.
  • Cut off my hair ( cut it hella short ) and donate it to charity.
  • Donate my clothes and things to charity ( to declutter my life and room ).
  • Write some music
  • Keep revising…. and revising.
  • Keep my room tidy for more than a week
  • Get through all those exams
  • Start making artsy videos online and draft a short film.
  • Enjoy your holiday.
  • Don’t die while watching Royal Blood live
  • Get a job
  • Absolutely smash and nail my lush interview ( if my application form gets accepted)
  • Get my head okay and cleaner than it is
  • Start college with a new state of mind.
  • Go to Little Big Gig
  • Go to Comic Con London 2017
  •  Keep this blog going.
  • Do charity work and work with Lush in someway.
  • Work at Lush over Christmas
  • Keep breathing


…. i’m sure i’ll have more but this is it so far.

– Hannah







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