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Nighttime skin care routine // LUSH

So my skin is frankly hellish. As a 24/7 stressed out teenager my skin is a constant spotty, oily, red, blotchy mess ( nice). I used to cover up it all up with make-up, however being literally the skin colour of snow and having a habit of burying my face into my jumper sleeves and dragging my hand across my face when stressing, make-up was never a great option, so i went all natural… which was okay for the one week were i didn’t have acne. I have finally excepted my skin and all the natural teenage flaws in it, but with the help of my second home, LUSH ( Truro) and the lovely staff who work there I’ve got a skin routine that right now is doing my skin wonders. So here we go:

1.) Face cleanser – Dark Angels

First things first this is literally my skins savior. Dark Angles includes powered charcoal which absorbs  the excess oil and black sugar that exfoliates and removes dead skin. The cleanser also includes Rhassoul mud and avocado which leaves the face leaving soft and smooth after the cleanser is washed off.

I leave the cleanser on for either how long my bath is or about 15 mins – 20 mins then I wash the cleanser with warm water.


2.) Shower Gel -Rose Jam / Twilight

I then use a shower gel ( right now I either use Rose Jam ( as Rose oil helps reduce redness) or Twilight ( because the lavender sends me right to sleep)) to make sure I’ve cleaned all the cleanser off and leaves my face feeling hella good and clean. I then just pat dry my face with a towel.


3.) Spot treatment – Grease lightning

Grease lightning is a product that I haven’t used until last week and since last week my spots have reduced and are less inflamed thanks to this product.

I apply this after I’ve dried my face because it’s hydrates my skins (carragenan extract) just enough and also helps my redness (aloe vera).  This product is an all day use product and does amazing job and keeping your skin feeling fresh ( defiantly from my experience)

4.) Lotion – Charity Pot

I probably use this product out of habit, but I like to apply the smallest dab of the charity pot hand and body lotion just under my eyes and on my nose. This product is not only amazing for the lovely moisturized feeling it gives you, but 100% of the money payed ( minus VAT) for the Charity pots are given to Charity!


5.) Lip balm – Lip Service

Lastly I simply use a lip balm just to hydrate ( Shea butter) my lips and leave them feeling soft ( Apricot kernel oil )


… and sleep.  This routine personally helps my skin, but everyone is different, so definitely talking to people at LUSH about different products for different types of skin is always good and I honestly can’t recommend LUSH enough for skin care.

– Hannah



2 thoughts on “Nighttime skin care routine // LUSH

  1. A nice moisturiser to use is celestial as it’s nice and light, makes it perfect for my oily skin and troubled skin, I think you will benefit from it 😊 it has vitamin E to protect skin and you don’t need much as it spreads quite far! The moisturisers are a little pricey so definitely grab a sample first


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