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Fresh Start

I have started this blog about three times because of my need of aesthetic perfection and my cringe of reading over what I’ve posted and not allowing it to be on the internet anymore. But here we go. Starting it all over.I’m starting over because having a blog kept my mind together and got me organized ( somehow).

My name is Hannah and it amazes people that you can spell my name backwards and it stays the same. I’m a supporter of the LGBT+ community, human rights and animal rights. I have a love a for drawing ( pretty naff at it though), photography and talking about all things LUSH ( cosmetics ). I’m currently studying all the subjects I don’t want to and I’m attempting to work towards working at a place I’ve wanted to work at for 5 years ( LUSH). I’m caffeine dependent but probably down 20 gallons of herbal tea a day. And I’m ready to start typing again.

– Hannah


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